Become Brilliant at the Basics: 8 Prospecting Models to Easily Win Clients

Finally, You'll Have a Step-By-Step Plan for Creating a

There are so many new agents flooding into the market. Competition is getting tougher.

Most agents are chasing just Internet generated leads and ignoring the tried and true basics. That is a BIG mistake.

The agents who have a strong, long-term career know how to build a prospecting "machine" using the basics.

Fortunately, that is exactly what you're about to learn.

I don't need to sell you on the need to prospect.

If you are here, you already know it's an essential part of being a successful real estate business owner. Consistent prospecting...

  • Creates a strong business
  • Provides personal flexibility and control
  • Allows unlimited income

There's just one problem: No one ever taught you how to create prospecting models that make obtaining clients easy.

Finding Your Message
Discover how to uncover the answer to the critical question, "why you?". This is important because without being able to tell a client specifically the value of your business, he/she may choose an agent based on price. What we do is send you through a series of exercises and then provide our "Message Formula". When you know this, you'll be able to attract clients easily to your business.

Basics of Prospecting
Learn the difference between marketing and prospecting, the stages of a client relationship, how to combine types of prospecting, and the formula for identifying exactly how many prospecting contacts will get you to your goals. Understanding this valuable information will allow you to create a prospecting system to meet all of your needs.

Fundamental Prospecting Skills
Master the skills for turning leads into clients, discovering a person's real estate needs and how to convert it into an appointment, kill objections before they happen, and lead people from being a prospect to being a client. These core skills will serve you through your entire career.

Deep Dive into Prospecting Types
Master the step-by-step models outlined for each of the 8 "basic" prospecting methods. Each model provides examples and scripts. This section will answer the ultimate prospecting question, "HOW?"

Creating Your Plan
Learning without action is worthless! Create a plan for consistent transformational prospecting using the "B3 Plan Worksheet". PLUS, gain invaluable knowledge by using the "B3 Daily Activity Worksheet".

 The Mental Game of Prospecting
Learn how your brain actually plots to prevent you from completing prospecting activities AND how you can trick it. Discover the types of obstacles your brain manufactures, how to re-frame negative messages, and tangible actions to create prospecting mojo.

Slay the Roller Coaster
Discover the art of priority management, the psychology of productivity, and a structure for accomplishing your goals. You'll watch two educational videos and receive daily transformational emails for 30 days that will truly change your business and your life.

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