Negotiating Strategically

Do you ever feel like you are the only sane person working through this negotiation?

Have you found yourself negotiating just as much with your client?

The frustration is compounded by the lack of training.

What is Negotiating Strategically?

A step-by-step negotiating program designed specifically for real estate agents who want to improve their skills. This program is delivered on-line and on-demand so you can watch it at your pace and as many times as you like.

Important Note: This course provides NO credits for Continuing Education requirements. This is soley offered for Professional Development skills training.

Who is Negotiating Strategically for? Agents who...

  • Know that promoting your client's interests includes negotiating
  • Want to improve their skills
  • Are tired of losing competitive negotiations
  • Don't feel 100% confident with negotiating
  • Like structure
  • Believe that negotiating is one of the more important skills

What Will You Learn?

Section 1 - The Fundamentals
This section provides a foundation for the course. Specifically:

  • The purpose of negotiating
  • The definition of negotiating
  • The types of negotiating
  • The styles of negotiating

Section 2 - The Great Negotiator
Becoming a great negotiator begins with understanding great negotiations. Specifically:

  • The traits of a great negotator
  • Types of power and how to acquire power
  • The required skills for negotiating
  • How to execute the skills needed to be a great negotiator

Section 3 - Emotions and Negotiating
Understanding people's emotions is critical to success in real estate but particularly true in negotiating. In this section, we will learn:

  • How emotions work
  • How to avoid being blamed
  • Levels of emotions
  • Common emotions
  • 6 tactics for handling client's emotions

Section 4 - Principles of Negotiating
This section provides guidelines that should be used in negotiating. Specifically:

  • The Top 10 Principles of Negotiating
  • The 8 principles of negotiating strategically

Section 5 - Working with Buyers
This section lays out a step-by-step process of helping your buyer client. You will learn:

  • The Strategic Negotiating Arrow for Buyers
  • The roles played by the agent
  • The information needed about the house before writing an offer
  • The information needed about the seller before writing an offer
  • The information needed about the buyer before writing an offer
  • How to complete an Information Overview sheet
  • Fundamentals of presenting research to the buyer
  • The Information Matrix
  • How to formulate a strategy
  • Establishing the buyer's boundaries
  • The top 6 first offer strategies and how/why to use them
  • Fundamentals of making the first offer
  • The "Oreo" model for presenting offers
  • Selecting a counter offer strategy
  • The actions of closing the deal

Section 6 - Working with Sellers
This section lays out a step-by-step process of helping your seller client. You will learn:

  • The Strategic Negotiating Arrow for Sellers
  • The information needed about the buyer
  • How to complete a market conditions study
  • How to use the Information Matrix to inform a seller
  • Fundamentals of a Net Sheet
  • Creation of an Offer Sheet
  • Best practices for presenting multiple offers to sellers
  • How to formulate a strategy for the sellers
  • The best strategies for the sellers
  • The top counter offer strategies
  • Actions for closing the offer

Section 7 - Case Study
This section allows you to apply your knowledge with a Case Study. You will be given an opportunity to view the offer from both sides and help each side make decisions.

How this benefits you

Negotiating Strategically takes the guesswork out of creating a strong negotiating event for your clients because of the step-by-step process.

You will feel confident that you understand your client's needs and have positioned them to win because of the Negotiating Strategically system.

Strong negotiating skills will get you referred more.

You can sell your value in negotiating and...


Seriously, don't do it...

Why second guess yourself when negotiating?

Why worry that your client will not meet their goal?

Why worry you might get beat out?

The choice is yours...


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